Ways of Worldmaking

Ways of Worldmaking
HD video, 1080p
Actor: Jesse Joe Walsh
Camera operator & color grading:
Damien Molineaux
Camera assistant: Laszlo Szulyovsky
Grip: Moïse Mendoza
Sound editor & sound mixer: Daniel Zea
Lighting technicians: Liliane Tondellier, Frédéric Fellmann, Yann Joly
Assistant director: Consuelo Frauenfelder
Continuity: Alexandra Maurer
Make up & hair design: Delfina Giorgi

The video Ways of Worldmaking presents a monologue composed of fragments of movie scripts. A collage of Hollywood speeches all designed to reflect a moment of self-revelation, of initiation, a quest or a redemption. However, it appears quickly that the actor merely promotes stereotypes. He recounts superficial sentences and tries to impose his empty ideology as a way of thinking. In this manner, he relates to the myths of ‘success stories’ and of the ‘American dream’: anyone, if taking the chance, can achieve success and happiness. From this point of view life is simple.

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