The Course of Things – 2012

The Course of Things
Video HD, 16/9, 1080p
Sound mixing: Julian Simmons

The video The Course of Things uses the language of films to manoeuvre and influence our interpretation of images and stories. To do so, the artists have recorded on a daily basis the visitors of the London Natural History Museum and turn them into actors. In other words, they have edited the resulting footage in such a matter that it triggers our collective memory about action and crime narrative. Random people seem to be watching and following each other. The museum is transformed into a stage and everyday life into a thriller.
To those images, music and the voice of Alfred Hitchcock are added. The comments come from the TV show ‘Alfred Hitchcock presents’. They are sampled and complied in order to pique our curiosity, give narrative emphasis or to reveal some hidden details. The combination of music, editing, voice-overs and photography leads the viewer into the process of establishing and discovering a story. Playing with the viewer expectation, this video triggers our storytelling skills. The performance of everyday life is often predictable, but at time unexpected, surprising and shocking. This video doesn’t stage everyday life but design its performance. The video questions the boundaries between fiction and reality.

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