The Chase

The Chase
Installation in-situ
Techniques mixtes
150 x 400 x 600 cm

2010 - [OUT OF] CONTROL, 7ème biennale internationale de photographie et d’art visuel, Liège, BE
2008 - Nationale Kunstausstellung, Historischer Autofriedhof Gürbetal, Kaufdorf, CH
En collaboration avec Swann Thommen

The installation The Chase is composed of four cars on top of each other; the ‘villains’ car crushed by three police cars. Playing with representational codes, the artists have reduced the American police to their sole colours of black and white, as well as to their lighted ramps, mimicry reduced to a minimum in order to create the illusion. The blue and red emergency lights are flashing; time is at a standstill, a spectacular freeze frame of a Hollywood car chase. A ‘vertical’ narrative, fatal accident or car chase, one cliché overlaps another.

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