SD video installation, 576i
6'44'', en boucle
En collaboration avec Swann Thommen
Avec la participation de Samuel Gross

The Reliefs installation comprises a small house cut into sections and pushed into the corner of a room in which a loop video is being screened. This arrangement is set in the centre of a forest of fake fir trees and snow simulated by cat litter. The projected video relates the loss of memory of a road casualty who tries as best as he can to piece together again the elements which have led him to this outcome. Each element shown, sometimes an empty hoarding, a lighted window in a maisonette or a disproportionately large vehicle are snippets of his memory, inspired by the atmosphere of road movies. Fragments of history with no spatial continuity, the narrative of this video plunges the viewer into a strange world where, as for the protagonist, it becomes difficult to distinguish between the real and the imaginary.

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