On Stage

On Stage
SD video, 576i
4'53'', en boucle
En collaboration avec Swann Thommen

The On Stage loop video shows an all-encompassing demonstration bringing together demands from around the globe. So-called highly individual slogans thus vanish into the depths of a homogeneous crowd. On the way, small incidents occur. Harmless or incongruous, they rise up one after the other, bringing a touch of irony to the narrative, even cynicism. But, if the demonstration begins with this diversity in a calm and uneventful atmosphere, the scenario suddenly changes. The camera is knocked over, victim of a sombre aggression. Yet the image is eventually straightened and continues its journey. When the end of the film joins up with its beginning again, when the loop restarts, the second viewing of the same scenario is fatally weighed down by the knowledge of what is going to happen and everything that seemed free from danger is then tinged with fear.
Inspired by a text by Karine Tissot

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