Aucun mur n’est silencieux – 2017

Aucun mur n'est silencieux
Video HD, 16/9, 1080p
Voice-over: Helder Dos Santos, Frédéric Issenbeck, Giulia Marino, Thomas Pasquier et un inspecteur de police
Image: Yvon Labarthe & Ana Lowry -
Flying Focus
Original music & Production sound:
Julian Simmons - James Longley
Sound mixing: Julian Simmons
Color grading: Raphaël Frauenfelder

Every building is perceived differently according to its occupant’s intention. The video ‘No wall is ever silent’ was shot in the former bank Bénédict Hentsch in Geneva. The building holds the leading role, whilst voices of professionals with a unique perspective on the space, encourages us to observe hidden details. A police inspector, a geobiologist (ghostbuster), a game designer and a specialist in modern architecture help us discover something only perceived by someone willing to break in or ready to solve a spatial puzzle.

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