No comment

No comment
Series of 5 photographs
Lambda print / 2 Plexiglas slab
200 x 75 x 1 cm
In collaboration with Swann Thommen

The series of 5 photographs No comment shows five public places where a strange smoke has invaded space. The various places represented refer to real terrorist attacks site; an administrative building (Oklahoma City, WT), some escalators and a waiting room (subway in Paris), a nightclub and a restaurant (Bali). But rather than being specific, the architecture is standardized, schematized and functional. The space is empty and uninhabited. This aseptic representation is stressed by the use of computer-generated images, which permits to smooth down surfaces, and by the exclusive use of shades of gray. The event (action) itself is reduced to smoke. It symbolises danger. The colour pink has been chosen to differentiate the action from its surrounding, to accentuate its tomfoolery and reinforces the idea of toxicity.
The choice of colours, framing, glossy paper, Plexiglas, as well as the artificial construction of the event and its minimization are elements that distance viewer from dramatic aspects of the scene. In an extremely mediatised world where spectacular and sensational images are everywhere, collectif_fact photographs keep spectator at a distance to make us wonder on the power of images and their interpretation

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