MOMOSHIMA or the possibility of an island
HD video, 1080p
Voice-over: Colin Devine
Color grading: Raphaël Frauenfelder
Sound mixing: Julian Simmons

The video Momoshima or the possiblity of an island proposes a journey on the island Momoshima in Japan based on a simple story of exploration. The discovery of the island is done through a series of enigmatic shots that suggests particular architecture or present landscape without actually showing its inhabitants. But, soon we understand that those images are a list of potential locations for an upcoming film. A voice-over informs on the action of the missing characters, as if a script was being read. Revealing a story drawing from classic literature related to exploration, unknown territories and mysterious islands.
In a way, it’s a film without actors, a collection of intriguing fixed shots. Peculiar structures lead the viewer to speculate on the island’s residents, transfiguring the video into an apparatus for imagination.

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