Finsbury, Blackstock Road, London
Série de 3 photographies
Impression jet d'encre / cadre bois noir et verre
104 x 150 x 4 cm

The series of 3 photographs Finsbury shows London buildings deprived of the ground floors. The floor missing is the one of the shops and windows, only their signs remain. What once informed us on the products we could find inside is turn out into advertisement only. The sign ‘bakery’, for example, loses part of its propose and is only there to makes us want to eat bread without any direct access to it. This alignment of signs, typical of the London urban planning, is up to the sidewalk. It forms a long banner of advertisements that is reminiscent of sporting events such as marathons, bikes or cars races, etc. Those events change how we perceive the city and its configuration. Although they are generally ephemerals, here presented in a permanent form, they question our perception of the constantly changing city.

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