Expanded Play Time

Expanded Play Time
SD video, 576i
En collaboration avec Swann Thommen

The Expanded Play Time video is a spatialization experiment with a movie scene. The cinema is totally free from spatial continuity. For each take there is a corresponding viewpoint, a composition that is specific and independent from the others. Moreover, the editing makes it possible to move to any point in space, creating a visual fragmentation which disturbs all references to a peripheral vision. The artists therefore placed into a three-dimensional space all of the shots filmed in the waiting room of ‘Play Time’ by Jacques Tati. This spatialization shows an aspect that is often ignored, that of a unit of space simultaneously visible on every shot. In fact, we no longer emphasize a particular shot, but the whole of the space that they all generate. The shot shows not only the space, but also helps to create it by being added to the others. We thus lose the encompassing idea of action in favour of space.

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