Installation in-situ
Techniques mixtes
50 x 100 x 100 cm

2006 - Enterraum, Kunstmuseum Thun, CH
En collaboration avec Swann Thommen

The pictorial works of the collectif_fact are based mainly on photographs which the artists themselves take specially for their purposes; the finished products, however, are digitally processed. The artists alter spatial relations: volumes become planes or lines, space is deconstructed. Given that the process of digital montage remains clearly visible, the works have an unreal aspect and the images partly recall video games. Outside and inside spaces seem familiar yet strangely different. Each project explores new relations – with a direct reference to the communities and spaces by which people are surrounded.
For the installation Enterraum in the enter room the artist-trio photographed details of the architecture. Then they isolated the spatial elements and hung the individual pictorial planes one behind the other in the room – the window panes step out of the frames, the frames out of the lintel. This process is more reminiscent of a drawing of an explosion, which here is staged spatially. We thus experience the room in a completely different way, our attention being directed to the details of the surroundings. Our experience is that of an arranged, a construed world. New links between the individual elements can therefore be conceived and new spaces invented.

Text by Eveline Suter

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