Série de 7 photographies
Impression lambda / cadre bois noir et verre
84 x 60 x 3 cm
En collaboration avec Swann Thommen

The series of 7 photographs DOWNtown shows the city centre of Geneva where only the top floor of each building remains. If it is presupposed that cities are built with specific architectures related to their different zones, we can differentiate on the one hand the city centres which are organized vertically, in a condensed and multifunctional manner, and on the other hand, the horizontally-constructed peripheral zones where each building has its unique, dedicated function. By applying this displacement to a city centre, the status of the building is transformed and its relation to humans is questioned. Indeed, these peripheral zones are not generally intended for pedestrians; they are in a way an archetype of a structure designed only for cars as is often found in the United States. By shifting this context to the city centre, the artists manage to disconcert the viewer by what they see at first glance and what subsequently appears. These photographs criticize the ways of life, which have led to specific architectural logics.

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