Circus – 2004

Video installation SD, 4/3, 576i
2 angled projections
5’23’’, loop
In collaboration with Swann Thommen
Sound: Jean-Jacques Duclaux

The Circus video installation comprises two synchronized projectors set up as to form a 90° angle. These two videos deal in a very unusual way with the construction of space. The videos are based on digital photos of a busy square in Geneva that the artists dissembled into layers and subjected to digital animation. The installation shows a constantly moving view of the city, that seems to be disintegrating. Set pieces of urban architecture, logos and passers-by float incalculably and vertiginously towards the viewers. On the basis of the photographic document of a real city, the artists create a three dimensionality that refers indirectly to the virtual 3D worlds of computer games, while at the same time deconstructing the unambiguity and coherence of their spatial order and hyper-realistic graphics.
In addition, the work refers to the way in which we appropriate urban structures. The accelerated movement and navigation in the public space results in the non-linear perception of our environment, the associative scanning of distinctive points of reference and landmarks. Accordingly, the customary conception of the city as a homogeneous, clearly structured unified whole, the basis of two-dimensional postcard vistas and the cartographic urban model, gives way to a fragmentary, fleeting, dynamic picture of urban space.

Text by Katrin Mundt for the exhibition’s catalogue ‘So wie die Dinge liegen’, hartware kunst verein + medien_kunst_netz, Dortmund, DE, 2004

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