Imprimé sur bâche, 230 x 420 cm
5 photographies documentaire, 24 x 36 cm
Série de 3 photographies
Impression jet d'encre / PVC et Plexiglas
67 x 100 x 1 cm
En collaboration avec Swann Thommen

In residency for two weeks in Chongqing, China we’ve been amazed by the amount of demolition / construction sites. But, at night, only a few windows of these new buildings were lighted up, so, we wondered if all those new constructions were kept empty. On the streets, a lot of posters advertised to sell and rent those new apartments and offices, but we’ve learned that they were too expensive for the people and their main purpose was estate speculation. So, using the same medium, we produced our own advertising banner.
This banner is presented with 5 small documentation pictures and a series of 3 street photographs that show economical and social challenges of everyday life in China.

Traduction of the poster printed:

To June to December 2008, 15 million m3 built
To January to June 2009, 17 million m3 built

In China, the volume of empty apartments hit 91 million m3 at the end of 2008

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