At a Loss for Words

At a Loss for Words
HD video, 1080p
Actors: Neasa Terry and Paul Pelham
Original music, production sound and sound mixing: Julian Simmons
Cello: Vicky Mattews
Colour grading: Raphaël Frauenfelder
Thanks to: Bénédicte Le Pimpec, Alexandra et Carla Maurer, Catherine Piguet, Cyril Rebetez, Ivor Talbot, Ehryn Torrell, Isaline Vuille and Dungeness bystanders

The video At a Loss for Words dissects two characters’ relationship to each other and to the unusual landscape of Dungeness. Located at the tip of an insular territory on the coast of Kent, England, Dungeness is a paradoxical place. It is the home to a peculiar assortment of buildings and activities, from tiny fishermen’s huts to a giant nuclear power plant by way of lighthouses, contemporary holiday cottages and a miniature steam railway. The protagonists, a couple in dissolution, use a variety of narrative and cinematic elements to try to communicate. The fragmented texts (cardboard signs, stage directions, dialogs and captions) almost become objects themselves in the landscape, highlighting the complex relationship between narrative and architecture.

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