A Chance for the Unpredictable – 2019

A Chance for the Unpredictable
30.11.2019 - 03.01.2020
Lianzhou, China

Slideshow of the Exhibition A Chance for the Unpredictable in Lianzhou, China

Exhibited work:
A Land Fit for Heroes, HD video, 13’34”, 2014

This year the Swiss Foundation for Photography Director Peter Pfrunder was invited to collaborate to Lianzhou Foto’s fifteenth edition. To celebrate this anniversary edition, the theme chosen by our guest curator is an hommage to photography, its practice and malpractice. The local and international artists to be featured in the theme exhibition exploring the uncontrollable aspects and the unpredictable elements that leave their traces on the photographic image.

‘A Chance for the Unpredictable’ is a fascinating topic with many options for subtle comments on the current state of our world – it is implicitly political by focusing on a genuinely photographic subject. And we need it more than ever as an antidote to rationality, efficiency and predictability.

Artists to be featured in the theme exhibition are among others : Huang Huang (China), Liu Ke (China), Lukas Felzmann (Swiss), Hayahisa Tomiyasu (Japan), Anna Niskanen (Finland), Collectif Fact (UK), Delio Jasse (Angola), Kurt Caviezel (Swiss), Jenny Rova (Sweden), Clément Lambelet (Swiss), Jun Ahn (Korea), Seba Kurtis (Argentina), Clare Strand (UK), Jules Spinatsch (Swiss), Ester Vonplon (Swiss)

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