• Grand Prix Culturel Migros 2019
    Musée d’art et d’histoire Neuchâtel

    Début 2022

    Grand Prix Culturel Migros 2019

    Annelore Schneider et Claude Piguet, du collectif_fact, ont convaincu les membres du jury avec leur projet «Marianne». Il s’agit d’une vidéo 360° filmée dans le Musée d’art et d’histoire de Neuchâtel. Le but est d’y munir les visiteurs d’un écran portable et d’écouteurs, et de les faire guider par une voix. Celle-ci représente l’automate de «la Musicienne», l’un des trois automates Jaquet-Droz exposés au musée.

    La Société coopérative Migros Neuchâtel-Fribourg remet chaque année depuis 2005 un Grand Prix Culturel à un candidat soigneusement sélectionné par un jury de professionnels. Tous les ans, le choix s’effectue au sein d’une discipline artistique différente (arts plastiques, arts de la scène, arts visuels, littérature et musique).

    Un regard critique sur les machines
    Marianne s’interrogera sur son statut d’androïde et la relation qu’elle entretient avec les humains. «Les visiteurs seront ainsi entraînés dans une visite particulière du musée, mélangeant la réalité de ce qu’ils voient et ce que nous filmerons». Cette expérience à travers deux réalités portera un regard critique sur l’implication des machines sur notre perception et notre façon de ressentir ce qui nous entoure. La simultanéité de ces deux mêmes espaces rendra ce parcours intrigant et saisissant. Le visiteur deviendra alors détective, flâneur et participant de l’oeuvre.

    Service culturel Migros Neuchâtel-Fribourg

  • Residency and production grant
    Focus – Next / Deep Play

    SPACE Art + Technology
    2019-2020, London

    SPACE Art + Technology is delighted to announce the artists for the 2019/2020 residency Focus – Next. Artists have been selected based on their response to the theme of Deep Play, looking at the cost of our gamified experiences and how play can be used to explore our relationship with nature and ourselves.

    Selected artists:
    Above & Below
    Annelore Schneider (collectif_fact) & Cyril Rebetez
    John Wild
    Libby Heaney
    Thomas Grogan
    Zoyander Street

    The Art +Technology team is looking forward to welcoming the artists to SPACE Ilford, Redbridge which will be the base for their residency. All artists will be invited to create a workshop as part of the residency, as well as showcasing the outcome of their research in September 2020.

    SPACE Art + Technology residencies are generously supported by Arts Council England

    More d’information :

  • 6×6 project
    Edition N°17
    Online now
    Berlin, DE

    6×6 project
    Edition N°17

    6×6 project is an online artists’ community that serves as a platform for promoting plus distributing artists’ moving image works, and to create an ever-growing network among peers. The 6×6 project is intended as a tool to address pertinent questions regarding the dissemination of artists’ works in digital form. Besides, 6×6 project’s online presence—we regularly organise screenings and presentations in art spaces in Berlin, London and other cities.

    With videos from the following artists: Luca Asta, Rosie Carr, collectif_fact, Alyona Larionova, Edua Restrepo Castano et Lissy Rose.

    6×6 project :

  • Going’s
    First season
    Launch 01.11.2019

    First season
    A retreat for weary travellers. A destination for new discoveries.

    Launch 01.11.2019
    To the 15th of mars 2020

    ‘Going’ is an online platform hosting live streamed artists’ moving image 24/7, combining work from a variety of localities and backgrounds. At once embracing and critiquing the democratic nature of streaming platforms such as ‘Twitch’ and ‘Youtube Live’, ‘Going’ will continuously present the work of multiple artists working in moving image and broadcasting, randomised but presented sequentially twenty four hours a day. On returning visits to ‘Going Away’, you may not see the same work twice.

    Existing as a retreat for weary travellers, a destination for new discoveries, the passive nature of viewing is both rewarded and yet indirectly punished. Working with the idea of a dystopian TV station, unable to cope with the new demands of this form of content delivery, the stream becomes distorted and interrupted as viewer numbers grow, gradually turning itself into a community lead abstraction.

    Engaging with the ideas of solitary versus collective viewing experiences, ‘Going’ is a chance for participants to find inspiration in this abstraction while making conscious choices of when and how to view the pre selected programming. As the station’s popularity turns its content into a soup of colour and shape, will you embrace the destruction or search for solitude in its original form.

    More information :

  • Urban Stories
    Video Art Screening
    06 and 07.02.2020 – 20h00
    Zurich, CH

    Urban Stories
    Video Art Screening

    Curated by Bruno Z’Graggen

    Screening part 1 Thursday, 6th February 2020, 20:00
    Screening part 2 Friday, 7th February 2020, 20:00

    Entrance free, Screenings & Bar.
    The bar will be open before and after the screenings. Many of the artists will be present on both screening nights.

    Kunstraum Walcheturm
    Kanonengasse 20
    8004 Zurich

    With the videos of Peter Aerschmann, Seline Baumgartner, Giselle Beiguelman, Denise Bertschi, Daria Blum, Françoise Caraco, Chalet5, Marcos Chaves, collectif_fact, Dias & Riedweg, Quynh Dong, Aurèle Ferrier, Catherine Gfeller, Marianne Halter & Mario Marchisella, Nicole Hoesli, Susanne Hofer, Silvan Kälin, Dirk Koy, Georgette Maag, Kika Nicolela, Christoph Oertli, Elodie Pong, Doris Schmid, Veronika Spierenburg and Lena Maria Thüring.

    More information :

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